FPDL Accredited Courses

Accredited Training Course for Project Managers

FPDL is authorized by the National Council for Adult Learning (Consiliul National pentru Formarea Profesionala a Adultilor – CNFPA), to provide training courses for Project Managers.

The course is designed in accordance with the standards for the profession of Project Manager, (code of occupations 241919); the Ministry of Labor, Family and Equal Chances and the Ministry of Education and Research recognize the certificates.

The course is open for elected officials and technical staff working in public administration and public institutions, as well as for NGOs representatives, having graduate and post graduate studies, and at least 3 months working experience within an institution/organization.

At the end of the training course, participants have improved knowledge and skills and are able to:

  • Define project goals and objectives
  • Establish the conditions for an integrated project management
  • Plan project activities and outlines
  • Manage the project costs and its operational resources
  • Manage contracts and procurement procedures
  • Manage the risks associated with project implementation
  • Manage the project team
  • Manage the communication process related to the project
  • Manage the quality of the project activities and results

The course is organized in two modules,summarizing a total of 52 houres, from which 36 houres are devoted to theory and 16 to build practical skills.

Module 1 focuses on project initiation and planning, participants having the opportunity to learn how to build projects which are relevant for their organizations, with well defined objectives and results, which allow quality control and take into account the risks and opportunities.

Module 2 focuses on project implementation, by improving participants’ knowledge and skills in organizing, coordinating and evaluating the performance of the project team, as well as the way of working in partnership with other organizations.

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