Experience the benefits of working visually!

FPDL’s services provide you with visual solutions for seminars, workshops, trainings, meetings, conferences and internal organizational processes in order to make them more meaningful, effective and engaging.

FPDL’s graphic facilitators are members of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners- IFVP:

Graphic recording

Do you wish your events were more engaging, structured, solution and action oriented? FPDL’s skilled graphic recorders can provide you with immediate visual recordings of your events that ensure any group’s understanding and engagement.

FPDL’s post-meeting reports include all of the charts that were generated during the meeting. These support storytelling, group memory, and accelerating groups into action.

Process facilitation

FPDL’s facilitators can integrate facilitation, interactive graphic recording, and graphic templates to lead groups toward agreed-upon goals. We can facilitate a wide range of events, from training, planning and team-building events to large public meetings, annual retreats, and cross-organization summits.

Training of visual facilitators

Do you wish to learn how to apply graphic language to group processes? FPDL’s trainers can lead you through exploring:

– Knowledge and skills on listening, lettering and core drawing skills;

– Hands-on experience that will teach you how  to record with blank paper and use basic visual formats and visual metaphors to focus a group’s conversation;

– Ability to understand and improve the flow of facilitation, gaining insight about your own facilitation practice and the needs of your beneficiaries.

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