Promoting inclusive education in Tajikistan

FPDL delivered the following activities within the project “Inclusive Education” based on the agreement with the implementing body, Caritas Switzerland, in the period June- September 2012:

  1.  Developing training materials to be used in the training program that covered key concepts, exercises and questionnaires:

Training manual on adult learning and inclusive education methodologies- Training and Design Toolkit on Inclusive Education;

– Multiple intelligences test for teachers;

– Multiple intelligences survey for children;

– Multiple intelligences application in the classroom;

– Accessibility guidelines for teachers;

– Checklist on inclusion practices in education;

– Questionnaire for teachers on inclusive education.

  1.  Conducting a 10-day ToT on adult learning methodology and inclusive education using developed materials.

A 10-day ToT on inclusive education methodology was delivered by FPDL in the period 6th- 16th of August 2012. The ToT will was divided in the following modules:

August, 6-8, 2012 (3 days)- interactive and experiential adult learning methodology approach, capacity building in the design and delivery of effective adult learning events;

August, 10-12, 2012 (3 days)- knowledge building on inclusive education with a focus on working with children with disabilities (common understanding on the topic, good practices, ethics and conflict management), knowledge and skill building on inclusive education approach- initial evaluation, strategy selection, monitoring and progress evaluation, knowledge and skill building in methods and instruments to be used in working with children with disabilities;

August, 14-17, 2012 (4 days)- participants conducted a training simulation on inclusive education methodology for their colleagues. Each session was followed by peer and trainer feedback in order to ensure the effectiveness of the learning process and increase participants’ motivation and trust in their capacity to use their acquired knowledge and skills.