Restore the Health of Your Organization

– a Practical Guide to Cure and Prevent Corruption in Local Governments and Communities

The manual is inspired by the book “Corrupt Cities – a Practical Guide to Cure and Prevent Corruption” by Robert Klitgaard, Ronald Maclean Abaroa and Lindsey Parris.

The manual is elaborated at FPDL initiative, based on trainers’ interest expressed during the 2004 Annual 8th Meeting, in which Ronald Maclean Abaroa, former mayor of La Paz, was invited to present his book and the innovative approach he applied in curing and preventing corruption in his city and local government. Trainers understood how corruption was successfully addressed using participatory strategic approaches that:

  • Changed corrupt systems not (only) corrupt individuals
  • Identified and treated with priority the most dangerous forms of corruption
  • Elaborated short, medium and long term objectives
  • Involved in the process staff, citizens, businesses and other public institutions

They also understood why many anti-corruption campaigns failed due to their exclusively legalist or moralist approach.

The manual “Restore the Health of Your Organization” was elaborated in English language, in the period September 2004 – August 2006, and has two volumes:

  • Volume 1 – Concepts and Strategies by Fred Fisher
  • Volume 2 – Process Facilitation Tools by Ana Vasilache and Nicole Rata

The manual focuses on the process of intervention in organizations in order to cure and prevent corruption, as well as on the tools that can support the planning and implementation of this process.

Through LGI support the manual was translated in different languages