NGOs Capacity Building

The series of Manuals have three main topics:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Resources Management
  • Outreach Communicating and Influencing

Each of the three Training Manuals have two parts: Part I with concepts and strategies associated with the topic and Part II including various training and management tools for applying the concepts in the organization operation or in training programs.

The manuals include:

  • Human resources Management: Perspective on managing and developing human resources, Establishing competitive wage benefit packages, Steps in the hiring process, Strategies for developing staff performance, Establishing and implementing a performance appraisal system, How to manage disciplinary, Termination and downsizing situations, How to write an employee handbook, How to write job description, Assessment toll for analyzing the organization HRM system and procedures, Employing and developing volunteers.
  • Financial Management: Transparency, sustainability and accountability – the three principles underlying NGO Financial Management, Financial records and reporting system, Annual budgeting process, Developing and managing cash flow, Purchasing, Internal controls, Managing goods and equipment, Auditing and financial possibilities, Self assessment instruments on financial management, Organizational strength and integrity, Developing a business plan based on the organizational assessment results, Financial record keeping, annual and cash flow budget preparation.
  • Outreach Capacity: Communicating and influencing processes, Inter-personal and inter-organizational communication strategies, Media relations, How to package information to reach clients, Networking, The role of visioning and having a strategic thinking, How to influence the public policy process, Lobbying skills as part of the influencing process.