Elected Leadership Series

13 Handbooks have been written by Fred Fisher and David Tees, to cover eleven different roles performed by the local elected councilors: 11 handbooks, a trainer’s guide and overview document. Each handbook has two parts: part I contains concepts included in a self-study essay describing the role and part II training designs/exercises to be used by trainers.

The user-friendly training package, can also be used as a practical on-the-job guide.

The 13 handbooks titles are:

  • Trainer’s guide for training of elected officials
  • Handbook 1: Perspectives on training elected leaders
  • Handbook 2: The councilor as policy-maker
  • Handbook 3: The councilor as decision maker
  • Handbook 4: The councilor as communicator
  • Handbook 5: The councilor as facilitator
  • Handbook 6: The councilor as enabler
  • Handbook 7: The councilor as negotiator
  • Handbook 8: The councilor as financier
  • Handbook 9: The councilor as overseer
  • Handbook 10:The councilor as power broker
  • Handbook 11:The councilor as institution builder
  • Handbook 12:The councilor as leader