Developing and Managing Codes of Ethics

The series of Manuals have three main topics:

Human Resources Management
Financial Resources Management
Outreach Communicating and Influencing

The manual is aimed to support the development of Codes of ethics and enforcement systems in the public service, in order to improve the transparency and accountability of local governments, as tools to prevent and fight corruption. The manual contains three distinct and interrelated parts.

Part One: A Guide for Reflecting about Ethics includes a wide range of concepts, strategies, standards, principles, historical happenings, for those who intend to develop and implement a code of ethics within their profession.
Part Two: A Guide for Planning an Ethics Course of Action proposes a series steps designed to help professional associations to go through the process of a Code of Ethics elaboration
Part Three: A Guide for Managing a Profession’s Shared Commitment to Ethics describes ICMA experience in managing and enforcing a professional code of ethics on a daily basis.

The manual author is Fred Fisher, and it was developed in the frame of the Regional Program “Working Together”, in collaboration with UN HABITAT and with LGI financial support.