Diversity Makes the Difference

The project “DIVERSITATEA face diferenta” aimed at promoting partnership and a culture of active participation among the young representatives of ethnic communities in Suceava county in order to foster the intercultural development of Suceava county. In order to do so, the project activities were designed as to build a common understanding on the concepts of multiculturalism and interculturalism and develop competences of strategic planning among 20 young representatives of ethnic communities from Suceava county- romanians, armenians, jews, ucrainians, italians, germans, russians, roma. A youth intercultural development strategy for Suceava county was elaborated during 2 workshops that implied the use of working methods based on experiential, interactive learning that will answer the needs and expectations of the young partipants: role games, simulations, teamwork, world cafe, role negotiation, etc. The workshops took place in Suceava, comprising 8 days of work, and had as guests experts and responsables of youth policies. The participatory methodology of the project enabled the involvement of young people and local authorities in the identification and validation of the problems, opportunities and planned interventions within the strategy. One intercultural NGO (with representatives of all ethnic minorities from Suceava County) was created in order to further implement the strategy for intercultural development of Suceava County from the perspective of young people. For more information, visit www.intercoolt.ro