Youth & Education

FPDL actively provides capacity building through its programs and projects for youth NGOs and youth as independent representatives of their communities.

For NGOs working with and for youth, FPDL has been developing and delivering capacity building activities such as trainings, seminars, workshops since 2008 for more than 40 organizations from Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania and Greece on the following topics:

  • training of trainers;
  • organizational development;
  • leadership;
  • advocacy and public policies;
  • project management;
  • intercultural dialogue;
  • intercultural development;
  • conflict management;
  • facilitation of participatory processes and learning activities;
  • participatory planning for strategy development.

In working directly with youth, we promote a participatory working methodology which enables target group representatives to grow in terms of capacity throughout the activities by assuming different progressive roles: beneficiaries, partners and initiators. In order to ensure an effective learning process for young people we have identified the need to work progressively with them. Therefore, throughout our projects, we create the basis for them to gradually assume the roles of beneficiaries, partners and initiators, depending on the activities.

Using this methodology, FPDL has contributed to building initiative groups for intercultural community development, for influencing school environment and policies, for promoting and raising awareness and capacity in the field of human rights, global education and intercultural dialogue and development in communities from Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Burundi.

FPDL has also provided capacity building consultancy on the following topics in the field of youth work:

  • advocacy;
  • strategic planning;
  • project management;
  • facilitation;
  • conflict management;
  • leadership;
  • intercultural dialogue

collaborating with prestigious private and public institutions such as VOLUM Federation, New Horizons Foundation, National Democratic Institute, Department for Interethnic Relations, within the Romanian Government, Art Fusion Association, University of Bucharest- Faculty of European Studies, Caritas Switzerland, Bulgarian National Agency for the Youth in Action Programme, etc.