Organisational Development

General description

Through Organizational Development Programs, FPDL provides support for organizations to improve performances, combining training, workshops and executive coaching processes for organizational development.

The processes are based on participatory methods for learning, self evaluation and problem-solving/strategies elaboration. FPDL plays mostly the role of facilitator, who is supporting teams identify by themselves their problems and define their own vision and solutions.

It is a real learning experience for organizations’ members, who improve knowledge and skills in organizational diagnosis through self-assessment, identification of strengths and areas for improvement, identification of coordination needs between functions, strategic planning, project management, fundraising, financial management, team work, communication and outreach, sustainable partnerships development.

One of the most visible and immediate effect of such a program is that managers and staff develop a new approach in managing change and differences.

The FPDL working strategy is based on the principles of teamwork and active participation of the NGO members, staff from all the organizational levels (Board, management team, executive staff, volunteers, etc.) and, if the case, other stakeholders (beneficiaries / clients of the services provided). They will form a team named “organizational development working team”. These persons must have good knowledge about the organization functioning and / or about its services / programs.

The Assessment and Organizational Analysis Method, based on the Self-Assessment Instrument for NGOs Effectiveness and Efficiency, was used and improved along the time, in various projects and assessment processes, by the FPDL experts / consultants, being very efficient in identifying and assuming by the NGOs members and leadership of the real problems an organization is confronted with. At the same time the method is very useful for indentifying the organizational development level, the NGO members having the possibility, by going through this process, to acknowledge the success indicators for organizational development.

The organizational development process stages

Organizational Assessment

  • Gathering the relevant information on the organization, through meetings with management, staff and other key stakeholders,
  • Using a self-assessment tool, elaborated by the FPDL experts /consultants, combined with experts diagnosis
  • Including the results in an organizational diagnosis report, which is discussed with the organization management and planning team.

Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Improving participants’ knowledge on strategic planning
  • Elaborating a Strategic Plan for organizational development (the organizational environment analysis, the stakeholders analysis, the elaboration of the development vision and of the mission, the establishment of the development objectives, the elaboration of the development strategies, action planning), based on the diagnosis results
  • Elaborating Actions Plans to put in practice the Strategic Plan

On-site Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Trainings

Supporting Strategic Plan and Action Plans implementation through concrete interventions, additional expertise and capacity building events, focused on fields identified during the process.

FPDL Programs building on each other

  • Capacity Building Program For Youth Serving NGOs in Romania (2004-2005)
  • Building the Capacity for Organizational Self-Evaluation through Participatory Methods (2006)
  • Performance and Sustainability for NGOs (2007)
  • Evaluarea a 10 ONG-uri membre ale Federaţiei Filantropia, reţea de ONG-uri sociale din cadrul Bisericii Ortodoxe Române, pe baza metodologiei „instrumentului de autoevaluarea a capacităţii organizaţionale” (2010)
  • Evaluare si planificare strategica participativa pentru dezvoltarea capacitatii organizationale a Organizaţiei Suedeze pentru Ajutor Umanitar Individual (SOIR) (2013)
  • Evaluare Federatiei Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Copil (FONPC) si formare de facilitatori pentru evaluare organizationala