International Development

General description

FPDL is among the first Romanian NGOs, which pioneered the work in international development long before this area became a public policy in Romania in 2007. Back in the mid ‘90s, FPDL reached out to Africa and brought capacity building programs, which translated into experiential, interactive, participatory trainings for public administration, civil society and their partners representatives. Currently, FPDL is the only Romanian NGO, which worked in more than 40 countries from Africa, Americas, Europe, South-East Asia, and Middle East.

By working together with people, organizations and communities everywhere all over the world, our work in international development always translates, transforms and adapts our experience in transition in Romania and in the region, as well as the 20 years of innovation into tailored local solutions in the field of good governance and peace, civil society development and change and conflict transformation.

We believe in a world in which we grow and develop together, learn from each other and make our reality a better and fairer world for all of us.


BURUNDI – Bujumbura,

December 2008 and May 2010 – coalition building for the oversight of public resources in Burundi; women leadership and alternative conflict resolution strategies

Trainings and consultancy under USAID Burundi Policy Reform Program, implemented by Chemonics International and PDC/ Washington: needs assessment of women leaders and women led grass-root organizations in terms of their participation in political processes, capacity to support conflict mitigation and readiness o fight corruption; providing recommendations to address these needs; 210 women leaders trained in alternative conflict resolution strategies (negotiation, mediation, communication, facilitation), and in understanding and analyzing the conflict; making operational the network of the organizations engaged in the monitoring and oversight of public resources, through training of 85 members in cooperative advocacy techniques for improved and expanded participation in decision-making and through facilitation of the elaboration of the strategic plan 2010-2015 of the network and three cooperative advocacy plans.

MAURITANIA – Nouakchott,

April till June 2008: anti-corruption coalition building

Training, facilitation and consultancy under World Bank’s “Coalition Building for Good Governance” Program, implemented by Partners for Democratic Change: Support to create a multi-sector anti-corruption coalition of reform champions in the Mauritanian civil society organizations and Parliament, in support of Mauritania’s Anti-Corruption Strategy, through complex training and facilitation components.

TUNISIA – Tunis, El Kef, Sfax and Gafsa,

December 02-15, 2012 – Informal economy

Stakeholders Analysis under Tunisia Inclusive Labor Initiative (TILI) implemented by Global Fairness Initiative and Partners for Democratic Change: mapping key CSOs and their engagement in the informal economy, the challenges faced by those in the informal economy, as well as the trends and perceptions over the informal economy in Tunisia.

GUINEA – Conakry,

July 18-31, 2015 – security sector reform, collaborative advocacy for improved citizens security for women and youth leaders

Training and consultancy under “Partners for Security Sector Reform in Guinea Program” funded by INL/State Department and implemented by Partners Global in partnership with COGINTA and CECIDE from Guinea and Partners West Africa from Senegal.

NIGERIA – Abuja,

March 17-22, 2014 – Access to information

Training and consultancy under Access Nigeria Program implemented by PDC/Washington and CLEEN Foundation/ Abuja, financed by US State Department: training 15 civil society representatives on accessing information from key governmental agencies through collaboration, aiming to improve the governance, transparency and accountability of justice and security institutions in Nigeria.

SENEGAL – Dakar,

May and June 2012 – Coalition building and advocacy for the Senegalese Coalition for the Extractive Industry and Coalition Fighting Corruption in Senegal

Training and consultancy under USAID Program for Governance and Peace in Senegal [PGP]: advocacy and coalition building training and technical assistance for the representatives of the Coalition for the Extractive Industries Transparency, in order to support the membership of Senegal to EITI; advocacy and coalition building training and technical assistance for the representatives of the Coalition Fighting Corruption in Senegal

UGANDA – Entebbe

June 19-26, 2014 – Multi-stakeholders planning in peace operations

Training program for the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo (MONUSCO): training the Civil Affairs Officers in multi-stakeholders cooperative planning for the stabilization and development local plans in the areas affected by conflict in DR Congo.

GUINEA – Conakry,

November 4-14, 2012 – Facilitation of community change processes

Training and consultancy under ChildFund Guinea Quality Improvement Fund/ FY13: providing training in facilitation and partnership to ChildFund staff and community workers to improve their capacity to facilitate change processes in their communities, to network, to manage local partnerships and to engage key stakeholders with the aim to support and strengthen child rights.

NIGERIA – Abuja,

August 1-14, 2015 – impact assessment

Impact evaluation of the program “Accountable Governance for Justice and Security, Access Nigeria & Sierra Leone” funded by the US Department of State’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) and implemented by Partners Global in partnership with CLEEN Foundation in Abuja, Nigeria and the Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

SENEGAL – Dakar, NIGER – Niamey and BENIN – Cotonou,

October and November 2010 – Evaluation of child rights umbrella organizations in West Africa

Plan West Africa’s “Assessment of the Functioning and Efficiency of Child Rights Umbrella Organizations in West Africa”: assessing the institutional capacity, visibility, credibility and effectiveness of existing child rights coalitions in Niger and Senegal, in advocating for the realization of child rights; recommend strategies for Plan WARO’s future work with child rights coalitions in West Africa



July 2011 – facilitation of participatory planning processes and elaboration of local development strategies

Training under the Joint Integrated Local Development Program (JILDP) of UNDP Moldova and UN Women: training of consultants and facilitators in facilitation of participatory planning processes and elaboration of local development strategies, in order to support Local Public Administrations in the Target Communities to develop local socio-economic development strategies in a participatory, human rights based and gender responsive approaches.



JORDAN – Amman,

February 2011 – results based evaluation and monitoring

Training on Results-Based Evaluation and Monitoring under Partners Jordan Program “Youth Mediators for Non-Violent Conflict Resolution financed by Academy for Educational Development for Partners Jordan’s staff and freelance consultants from business, donors and NGOs sectors.

YEMEN – Sana,

September till October 2010 – impact evaluation

Impact evaluation of the program “The Balqees Initiative”, implemented by Partners Yemen with the financial support of US Embassy in Yemen: evaluation of the overall effectiveness and impact of The Balqees Initiative, which aimed to create a thriving network of key female communicators (development leaders and development volunteers) to raise awareness about relevant development issues and contribute to enhancing stability in the tribal and rural areas of Mareb, Al-Jawf and Shabwa.