8 Goals, We act!

The project “8 Goals… We act!” was built on the identified need, within the DEAR Study, to use participatory, transformative and empowering methods to facilitate the engagement of young people in addressing development issues in their local surroundings. Therefore, the project aimed at supporting actions in new Member States in addressing issues of global development based on the principles of youth active engagement and participation and multi-actor partnership in order to promote the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The project was implemented by FPDL in partnership with YMCA Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Partners Czech (Czech Republic) and FOCODE (Burundi). 48 master students from Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic were trained as facilitators of non-formal education activities in schools on the topic of the Millenium Development Goals, organized and delivered learning activities in 12 schools, involving more than 600 students and teachers. Small local projects were financed that talked issues related to development challenges.

Overall, the master students, pupils and teachers, through actively participating in the project activities, enhanced their role as global citizens by becoming:

  • Aware about the interdependency between development issues at local and international level, especially in Africa, with a focus on Burundi and about the fact that change starts at local level;
  • Motivated to get engaged in promoting positive changes at local level in thematic areas related to the Millennium Development Goals as the first step for global development;
  • Able to plan and implement coherent interventions to address development issues at local level.

More information available on project website: www.8goals.eu